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Business Education Overview

Overview of Business Education

Purpose:  The vision of Kentucky Business Education is to promote business professional development, enhance leadership, provide relevant curriculum, and to be vital to the education of all students. Kentucky Business Education will:

  • operate as the center for industry standard desktop and communications technology in schools.
  • provide a critical link in school to employment or postsecondary education.
  • develop stronger relationships with the business community in terms of mutual advocacy, cooperative field experiences, employment placement, and support for FBLA and/or DECA experiences.
  • represent a necessary component in the education of all students. ? require and promote critical thinking and problem solving.
  • offer a flexible curriculum based on standards that adapts to change.
  • integrate academic skills into the business education curriculum in order to insure that students develop excellent written & verbal communications skills, computational skills, and scientific problem-solving skills.



Digital Literacy

(formerly Computer and Technology Applications)

Valid Course Code: 060112

Course Description:

Students will use a computer and application software including word processing, presentation, database, spreadsheets, internet, and email to prepare elementary documents and reports. The impact of computers on society and ethical issues are presented.


Personal Finance---Interdisciplinary Course

Valid Course Code: 060170(CTE Credit) or 060171 (Math Credit)

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to manage one’s financial resources effectively for lifetime financial security. Topics include economics, money in the economy, budgeting, credit, consumer rights, investments and retirement planning. Leadership development will be provided through FBLA/DECA.


Business & Marketing Essentials

Valid Course Code: 060111

Course Description:

This course establishes basic foundations for further study in business and marketing courses and provides essential information for making financial and economic decisions. Students learn about the fundamentals of the American free enterprise system and world economies; application of sound money management for personal and family finances; credit management; consumer rights and responsibilities; forms of business ownership; risk and insurance; and the importance of international trade. Leadership development will be provided through FBLA and/or DECA


Introduction to Management

Valid Course Code: 060411

Course Description:

This course emphasizes the skills needed for managing a business that involves the selection and supervision of employees including efficient use of time, personnel, facilities, and financial resources. Students will explore forms of business ownership; typical business organizational structure; product or service promotion in business; effective communications; human relations skills required in dealing with employees; and effective management strategies used in personnel, finance, production, marketing, and information processing. Leadership development will be provided through FBLA/DECA


Medical Office Procedures

Valid Course Code: 070971

Course Description:

This course is key to the Medical Business Office career pathway and provides foundational skills and techniques used in the 21st Century medical business office profession. The recommended prerequisite is Computer & Technology Applications and Advanced Computer and Technology Applications OR Microsoft Office. Leadership development will be provided through FBLA


Principles of Teaching

Valid Course Code:  331020

Course Description:  This course provides opportunities for students with an interest in teaching to develop skills, strategies, and techniques used for instruction at various grade levels. Instruction addresses the principles and procedures for promoting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of children, adolescents and developmentally appropriate practices in educational settings. Students will gain work experience in classrooms with certified teachers as part of their course work. Other components include the development of a four-year post-secondary plan, salaries and benefits of a teacher, job security, and future projections of the job market. Leadership experiences will be provided through student organizations (e.g., co-curricular, extra-curricular)


Principles of Entrepreneurship

Valid Course Code: 080310

Course Description: This course is designed to provide students the skills needed to effectively organize, develop, create and manage their own business. This course is based on the business and marketing core that includes communication skills, economics, financial analysis, operations, promotion and selling. The culminating project of the course is the development of a comprehensive business plan. Cooperative education or shadowing experiences may be used to enhance course instruction. Leadership development will be provided through DECA and/or FBLA.

SUGGESTED PREREQUISITE:  Business Principles & Applications.


Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

Valid Course Code: 070750

Course Description: This course is an extension of Computer and Technology. Students will have the opportunity to increase their computer skills. Advanced functions and integration of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint will be taught. Students will work toward MOS/MCAS Certification in one or more of the Microsoft areas. In addition, students will utilize Internet access to complete various projects. Leadership development will be provided through FBLA. Prerequisite: Digital Literacy and permission of the instructor


Office Administration  

Valid Course Code: 070743

Course Description: This course is designed to provide students an advanced-level of experiences that will propel them into the 21st century business world as they serve in positions such as college interns, administrative assistants, graduate assistants, assistant managers, etc. While using high levels of technology learned in previous classes, students will be taught fundamental business procedures such as records management, human resource management, time management software, workstation management, travel planning, financial reporting, payroll, mail procedures, effective communication skills, and ethical decision making skills. A heavy emphasis will be placed on employability skills. Students should regularly be using word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, desktop publishing, and email software. This course should be considered the capstone course in its Career Pathway and is designed for upper-classmenonly.


Important Note:  We offer a variety of pathways and courses to meet the needs of our students.  Therefore, all courses may not be offered each semester.  Also, we work to offer dual credit for any course where a post-secondary institution will honor it; but it is up to the post-secondary institution and not the ATC as to whether a course or student is eligible for dual credit.